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6 benefits of buying a memory foam mattress

Ever since NASA scientists in the 1960s decided to test out a squishy new material on their voyages into space, memory foam has revolutionised the way look at comfort and support. After helping astronauts travel with greater ease, this material eventually came back down to earth, and impacted the way we sleep too! No longer do we have to rely on unpleasant and unsupportive mattresses that don’t give us the perfect eight hours sleep we need, nor the cosiness we deserve in bed. As a society, we’re increasingly waking up to the value of rest and the effect sleep (or lack of) has on our health and wellness. The journey to consistently getting a great night’s sleep can start with a great mattress, so whether you’ve not considered purchasing one, or just need a little convincing, here are the benefits of buying a memory foam mattress:

1. It’s kind on your body
One of the primary benefits of a memory foam mattress is that evenly distributes your body weight as you sleep, reducing the stress placed on common pressure points such as your lower back, hips or neck. As memory foam embraces weight rather than resist it (as typically found in mattresses with springs), your body weight is evenly spread across the mattress. You’ll wake up feeling like you’re walking on a fluffy cloud

2. It’s YOUR mattress
The makeup of memory foam means it moulds to your body shape, giving you a reassuring hug as you rest. So, whether you’re a front, back or side sleeper, memory foam supports you in the positions that are most comfortable for you. Moreover, memory foam assists with the alignment of your spine; whilst traditional mattresses ‘push back’ against your body, potentially causing your spine to be resting awkwardly, memory foam allows you to rest in a natural way that supports body alignment. One of our customers, Alicja said this about her HUGGE:

“The HUGGE mattress is a great mattress. I don't sleep on it, I sleep in it. It's like immersing my body in foamy bliss. It lifts my body as if I'm sleeping on air.” 

3. It won’t keep you up at night
While the HUGGE mattress cannot stop your other half from snoring, memory foam is well loved for its ability to isolate movement, reducing the impact of motion transfer when you’re in bed. This means if you move about a lot in your sleep, you’ll be doing it in silence rather than waking up the whole house! Ultimately, the absence of ‘motion transfer’ helps you to relax, unwind and maintain a peaceful sleeping environment – great if you’re next to a light sleeper.

4. It fights against allergens
The compact composition of memory foam mattresses is great if you are an indoor allergy sufferer, as it stops the build-up of irritants such as dust mites, pet dander and even mould! In traditional mattresses, dust mites, in particular, tend to thrive in these conditions, finding space between springs and padding. But with memory foam, the density of the material does not provide a good environment for them to exist, making it hypoallergenic. Furthermore, the HUGGE mattress is built with CertiPur™ accredited memory foam, so rest assured that it is free from any harmful chemicals or hard metals. We only use quality materials at a price you won’t need to take lying down!

5. It’s there for the long-run
The quality of memory foam also sees it stand the test of time, outlasting conventional mattresses by a number of years. As we know that memory foam is strong, robust, and steadfast we offer a 10-year guarantee with our mattresses at HUGGE, so when we say comfort to last, we mean it. Memory foam mattresses tend to be made from viscoelastic and polyurethane material which is far more durable than the traditional mattress that uses metal springs which tend to lose their shape after only 1-2 years. We love memory foam as it is a perfect combination of durability and comfort (see Point 1). So, when you’re investing in a memory foam mattress, you’re not only investing in a great night’s sleep, you’re investing in a long-term asset.

6. It’s easy to assemble
Lastly, memory foam mattresses are flexible, which means that are easy to deliver and quick to set up in your bedroom. As they can be rolled up, they are easily transferable and can go with you wherever you go – perfect if you’re looking to move to a new house or move a lot as a renter! Moreover, if you’re looking to change bed frames, you won’t need to change your mattress as ours can easily adjust to a variety of setups from slatted to divans.

Importantly, as they are easily transportable it means it has revolutionised the way your test your mattress. As they can be delivered so quickly, the HUGGE mattress can be trialled for 100 nights in the comfort of your own home, so you can really test out your new mattress. This is a big difference from laying down in a mattress store while a sales assistant stares at you! You can truly see for yourself the benefits of having a memory foam mattress, and see the quality of your sleep improve.

So what are you waiting for? Now you know the benefits of buying a memory foam mattress, how about you try the HUGGE mattress for 100 nights.


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