F 5 Year Warranty


5 Year Warranty

5 Year Mattress Guarantee

Our mattresses are fabulous. That’s why we can put in place a 5 year warranty, running from the date of purchase. This warranty does not limit your legal rights.

The mattress cover is warranted for the first year against flawed materials or workmanship defects.

Should you feel you need to make a claim under this warranty please make contact at sales@huggesleep.co.uk to register the claim and to allow the claim process to commence.

This policy is not transferable. Only the original purchaser of a genuine HÜGGE mattress bought either directly through the website or through any authorised partner is entitled to claim. Please be ready to provide proof of purchase, as it will be required for any warranty claim.

Unless we agree with you to vary this point, the mattress must be located in the country to which it was supplied.

Additionally, the warranty only applies if the mattress has been used for its normal, intended purpose.

This Warranty covers you against material defects resulting from defective materials or workmanship in the HÜGGE mattress you have purchased, as follows;

  • Sagging / Indentations

    If there is sagging or indentation that is visible and greater than 2.5cm when no weight is applied to the top surface and that is not attributable to the use of an improper base or platform. Note that ‘normal, intended purpose’ assumes the mattress has been continuously supported by a base or platform that is sufficient to distribute and support the weight of your body and any other bodies plus the weight of the mattress itself.

  • Flawed materials

    A clear physical flaw in any of the foam material that causes it to split or crack under conditions of normal use and proper handling.

  • Manufacturing defects

    Any workmanship or materials defects in the mattress cover such as the fabric tearing, stitching unraveling or zip failure.

HÜGGE will repair or replace the defective mattress or component. For example, if there is a manufacturing defect with a zip we may elect to repair the zip or replace the whole mattress cover but not replace the whole mattress. HÜGGE Sleep Ltd reserves the right to sole and complete discretion over that decision.

Any replacement of mattress or component will be replaced with the equivalent available at time of replacement. This means there may be certain differences to the original mattress.

If you decide that you wish to replace the mattress with a more expensive HÜGGE mattress, we reserve the right to charge you for the upgrade.

Note that any repair or replacement does not extend the original warranty period nor does it constitute the start of a new 5 year warranty period for the mattress or 1 year period for the cover.

HÜGGE products are suitable for individuals up to a maximum of 18st in weight (approx. 114kg or 252lbs) and couples of maximum combined weight 30st (approx. 190kgs or 420lbs).HÜGGE hereby accepts no responsibility for any loss of performance experienced when these weight guidelines are not followed.

The warranty does not cover you against changes to your mattress over time caused by normal wear and tear. It also does not cover you against changes caused by physical abuse or damage or for uses that are not normally intended or by tampering.

Such abuse, damage, neglect or tampering includes but is not limited to liquid damage and stains, burns, water marks, bodily fluid stains, smoke damage, tears, cuts, dampness or mold, machine washing or dry cleaning of mattress cover. Such events or occurrences will invalidate your warranty.

We come in different shapes and sizes so there is likely to be some idiosyncrasies to your mattress. Any imperfections that do not prevent ordinary use and enjoyment of the mattress by a reasonable person are not considered to be defects. For example, borders may not be perfectly straight or corners perfectly symmetrical, dis-colouration over time, personalized allergies or reactions and foam aromas. These are not “defects” for which you can seek a remedy under this warranty.

In order to provide the most optimum sleeping surface this premium product contains only the finest quality materials. We do not warrant our product as a remedy for any specific medical condition and do not warrant against any complications resulting from the use or inability to use this product. We do not warrant individual comfort preferences, sheet fit or height issues resulting from purchaser's bed frame size or headboard style. Should this warranty be exercised and your product replaced and/or repaired the warranty will not be extended or renewed. Terms and service related in this warranty shall be the consumer's sole and exclusive remedy should the product fail during the time frame stated here in. We make no warrant beyond those terms and conditions stated. Please retain this warranty and your original invoice / proof of purchase for five (5) years. 

1 Year Pillow Guarantee

Please note that the HÜGGE pillow, mattress protector and TENCEL outer cover are guaranteed against defects of workmanship or materials for a period of 12 MONTHS.


10 Year Bed Frame Guarantee

Like our mattresses, our bed frame is fabulous too. That’s why we can put in place another no-nonsense 10 year guarantee, running from the date of purchase. This guarantee does not limit your legal rights.

Should you feel you need to make a claim under this guarantee please make contact at sales@huggesleep.co.uk to register your claim.

This policy is not transferable. Only the original purchaser of a new, non-refurbished, genuine  HÜGGE bed frame bought either directly through the HÜGGE  website or from any authorised retailer or partner is entitled to claim. Please be ready to provide proof of purchase, as it may be required.

Unless we agree with you to vary this point, the bed frame must have been installed by our team of installers into a domestic setting and not subsequently disassembled or moved or used in a commercial setting.

Additionally, the guarantee only applies if the bed frame has been used for its normal, intended purpose.

Any claim for damage, material defects or defective workmanship during delivery and installation must be reported to the installers before you sign off on the delivery and installation. Please ensure the paperwork notes the issue discovered. They will take photographs of any defective elements and arrange for a swift replacement of those elements.

This guarantee covers you against material defects resulting from defective materials, manufacturing or workmanship, degradation or failure of any structural components, structural failure itself or de-lamination.

Under this guarantee most issues can be resolved to restore the bed frame by our team of professional repairers using genuine HÜGGE spare parts (just like a car warranty). In the unlikely event that this is not possible, a replacement bed frame may be supplied. The replacement will be an equivalent bed frame available at that time.

This guarantee does not cover the following;

  • Any issue not described above. These could be but not limited to;
Moisture damage and/or ingress
Abuse or misuse
Use in a non-domestic setting (unless agreed with HÜGGE )
Issues arising from poor maintenance
Issues of unsanitary condition (eg staining, heavy soiling, pet damage)
Environmental damage (eg spillages, fire, strong aromas/cooking smells)
Damage caused by disassembly/reassembly (eg when moving house)
Additions/amendments/repairs to the bed frame carried out by anyone other than an approved  HÜGGE installer or repairer.

    When you make a claim at sales@huggesleep.co.uk, we will ask you to supply photographs as well as a description of the complaint giving rise to the claim. We will be unable to process a claim without photographs. 

    Based on our appraisal of your claim, we may choose to send a HÜGGE surveyor to visit you to make a closer inspection and appraisal of the issue relating to the claim.

    If we determine your claim is worthy of progression, our team of HÜGGE repairers will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for them to attend to repair the bed frame using genuine HÜGGE  replacement parts.

    Before they commence the repair/replacement they will conduct a survey of the bed frame to ensure that there is no damage or soiling that would invalidate the guarantee as per above.

    If we determine that your claim is not covered by the guarantee, we will advise you of this and make our team of HÜGGE  repairers available to you to quote for the work required to repair the bed frame. Any cost of such repair will be borne by you.

    In the event of a disputed claim, an independent inspector from FIRA (the Furniture Industry Research Association) or equivalent will be asked to attend to evaluate the claim. We will take their determination as a final decision from which we will either uphold or reject your claim.