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Frequently asked questions


How do you pronounce HÜGGE?

Simple, rhyme it with ‘rugger’.

Where are you based?

Just outside Cambridge, approx. 50 miles to the north east of London.

Where are the mattresses shipped from?

Just outside Cambridge, approx. 50 miles to the north east of London.

How many mattresses are there in your range?

Just one. After many years making and selling mattresses, most designed just to protect the manufacturer or the retailer, we decided to shake things up; a mattress for the modern person. We know what makes a mattress most comfortable and supportive. We’ve applied our knowledge and experience to design and make the one comfortable mattress that will universally appeal. We won’t make the usual outlandish statements about the cheapest mattress or hybrid mattresses or the best mattress in the world or the most comfortable mattress in the world. We’ll just go about our business.

What are your influences?

With some family roots based in Scandinavia and a professional career working for Scandinavian bed and mattress manufacturers and a love of hygge, the Danish mindset for warmth and cosiness, it was easy to build our vision on a Scandinavian ideal and approach to furniture design.

What other products do you have?

Presently, our HÜGGE range also features a wonderful, squishy pillow and a comfortably cool mattress protector. We’re also about to launch a fabulous bed frame and mattress toppers. Watch this space!

About the HÜGGE Mattress

What is the best foundation for the mattress?

Any supportive flat surface works, from the floor to the elaborately designed slatted bed frames. Just make sure that the base is not damaged or is unable to evenly distribute weight. Also, make sure it is rated to handle the combined weight of the mattress plus the bodies you put in it.

How does the zoned bottom layer work?

Everybody likes to sleep in his or her own way. A sleep specialist we worked with claimed the best position was on your back; followed by your side, then last resort on your stomach. Not everyone agrees. What is commonly agreed is that your shoulders and your hips tend to be the most prominent parts of your body. Therefore, in a five-zoned mattress, there are two softer zones, approximately where your shoulders and hips are. This allows them to sink in a little while the firmer areas of the mattress support the other parts of your body. It’s a trick we learned working for a very expensively priced manufacturer. We want to bring such luxury mattress thinking into a more affordable price point.

Will I feel my partner moving about in bed?

We’ve designed the mattress so that movements are very isolated. Of course, if you’re perched on a very spring base, you’ll feel overall movement, but that’s more down to the laws of physics than the way mattress core is behaving.

What happens to my mattress at the end of its life?

While we do not presently offer a recycling service, it is possible to have all parts of the mattress sent for recycling and re-use. For example, the foam can be recycled into furniture backing, carpet underlay.

Will my mattress solve my back pain?

HÜGGE has not undertaken any specific tests and is not designed as a medical device. However, reviews from customers so far have claimed to ease their discomfort.

What certification does my mattress have?

All of the foam HÜGGE uses is CertiPur™ certified and audited by Europur. In addition, the mattress complies with applicable UK standards (BS 7177:2008 & A1:2011 Low Hazard) tested at FIRA.

How deep is the HÜGGE mattress?

The HÜGGE mattress is 25cm deep, giving you the comfort and support you deserve Ü

How firm is the HÜGGE mattress?

Firmness for any mattress is quite subjective, we feel that we're on the slightly softer side of firm - 6.5/10 on the firmness scale Ü


How can I make changes to my order?

Just email us at paul@huggemattress.com and we can make alterations.

Can I finance my mattress?

To help make things easier for customers, we have teamed up with Close Brothers to provide you with two finance options. Either, interest free credit over 12 months or low rate finance (9.9% APR) over 24 months. For more information please see our Pay Monthly section. We also presently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal and ApplePay.


How much is delivery?

Standard delivery is free within the UK mainland and normally delivered within 3 working days. We will always endeavour to deliver within 3 working days, and do so on most occasions, but for any instances where it may take a little longer, we will communicate clearly an expected delivery date. To give our customers maximum flexibility, we also offer for a small extra cost Saturday delivery and timed delivery (before midday and before 9am) options. Deliveries to the outlying regions of the UK and to Europe may incur a fee and may take longer. Please contact us at paul@huggemattress.com if you think this may apply to you.

Do I need to be in?

Our couriers generally need a signature, so someone will need to be home. If you miss your delivery, don’t worry. Our couriers will try to redeliver on the next working day. Please contact us at paul@huggemattress.com if you encounter any problems and we will rectify it swiftly.

Will the mattress be lifted into my room of choice?

Not at the moment. As we work with TNT presently, we only offer a doorstep service. But don't worry. Our mattresses come in a well designed bag with easy to carry handles, making movement up the stairs really easy.

Will you take my old mattress or bed away?

Not at the moment. We have temporarily removed this premium service because we cannot find a delivery partner at the moment that lives up to our exacting standards. We want service that is consistently excellent.

Can the delivery be left in a safe place?

Normally, yes. You will need to leave a signed note with the consignment number (the tracking number we send you) stated and a clear instruction on where the safe place is that is clearly visible to the driver. They will take this as proof of delivery.

For free delivery, what time will it arrive?

If you have selected free, standard delivery, the TNT driver will deliver at any time up till 6pm on the day we have advised to you. It may be possible to get an indication from TNT on the day if you call 0800 100600 with your consignment (tracking) number. We cannot guarantee they will be able to tell you though as the drivers are given free rein to plot their own route through the day.


How do I return my mattress under the Sleep Well Trial?

Simply contact us within 100 nights of delivery at paul@huggemattress.com and we will make arrangements to collect. Please have proof of purchase to hand just in case we need it. Click here to read more detailed rules.

Do I need to put it back in the bag?

You will need superhuman powers to do that. No need. We normally donate our returns to charity, so once you make contact with us and we've agreed your details, we will pass onto the British Heart Foundation or DEBRA. They will then make contact to arrange a convenient pick up slot and once they have it, they confirm to us and we then refund you. On the odd occasion, we may pick up in our own transport, but we will let you know if that's the case. Ü

How quickly will I get my refund?

As soon as we’ve collected we will process the refund. The money will be back in your account as quickly as the financial system permits.