F Frequently asked questions


Frequently asked questions


How do you pronounce HÜGGE?

Simple, rhyme it with ‘rugger’.

Where are you based?

We are based in Lancashire, UK..

Where will my order be shipped from?

Most orders are shipped from our Lancashire warehouse.

How many mattresses are there in your range?

Just one. After many years making and selling mattresses, most designed just to protect the manufacturer or the retailer, we decided to shake things up; a mattress for the modern person. We know what makes a mattress most comfortable and supportive. We’ve applied our knowledge and experience to design and make the one comfortable mattress that will universally appeal. We won’t make the usual outlandish statements about the cheapest mattress or hybrid mattresses or the best mattress in the world or the most comfortable mattress in the world. We’ll just go about our business.

What are your influences?

With family roots based in Scandinavia and a professional career working for Scandinavian bed and mattress manufacturers and a love of hygge, the Danish mindset for warmth and cosiness, it was easy to build our vision on a Scandinavian ideal and approach to furniture design.

What other products do you have?

Alongside our fabulous mattress and bed frame, the HUGGE range includes a wonderful, supportive pillow and a comfortably cool mattress protector. We’re also about to launch a new range of super-comfortable mattress toppers. Watch this space!

About the HUGGE Mattress

What is the best foundation for the mattress?

The HUGGE bed frame is the perfect base for the HUGGE mattress. We've designed it to be perfect in every way. It's individually adjustable for firmness for each sleeper and has 4 height settings to make sure your feet slide straight into your slippers in the morning. Your existing base will be just fine though, as long as it is level, free of damage and able to evenly distribute weight. If there are slats in your base, make sure they are no more than 75mm apart and that there is central support. Also, make sure any base you use is rated to handle the combined weight of the HUGGE mattress plus the bodies you put on it.

How does the zoned bottom layer work?

Everybody likes to sleep in his or her own way. A sleep specialist we worked with claimed the best position was on your back; followed by your side, then last resort on your stomach. Not everyone agrees. What is commonly agreed is that your shoulders and your hips tend to be the most prominent parts of your body. Therefore, in a five-zoned mattress, there are two softer zones, approximately where your shoulders and hips are. This allows them to sink in a little while the firmer areas of the mattress support the other parts of your body. It’s a trick we learned working for a very expensively priced manufacturer. We want to bring such luxury mattress thinking into a more affordable price point.

Will I feel my partner moving about in bed?

We’ve designed the mattress so that movements are very isolated. Of course, if you’re perched on a very spring base, you’ll feel overall movement, but that’s more down to the laws of physics than the way mattress core is behaving.

What happens to my mattress at the end of its life?

While we do not presently offer a recycling service, it is possible to have all parts of the mattress sent for recycling and re-use. For example, the foam can be recycled into furniture backing, carpet underlay.

Will my mattress solve my back pain?

HÜGGE has not undertaken any specific tests and is not designed as a medical device. However, reviews from customers so far have claimed to ease their discomfort.

What certification does my mattress have?

All of the foam HÜGGE uses is CertiPur™ certified and audited by Europur. In addition, the mattress complies with applicable UK standards (BS 7177:2008 & A1:2011 Low Hazard) tested at FIRA.

How deep is the HÜGGE mattress?

The HÜGGE mattress is 25cm deep, giving you the comfort and support you deserve Ü

How firm is the HÜGGE mattress?

The firmness of any mattress is quite subjective and sadly, the mattress industry does not have a standard measurement. So one manufacturer's 'firm' maybe another's 'medium-firm' (it's a bit like why you are sometimes a different shoe size with different shoe brands). We've tried an awful lot of mattresses though Ü and we feel that we are on the softer side of 'firm' - 6.5 to 7 out of 10 on our 'firmness scale'. If the mattress is used on the HUGGE bed frame, each sleeper can individually adjust the firmness on their side of the bed, to make it softer or firmer. Play around with it until you get it just right!

About the HUGGE Bed Frame

What is the best mattress for the Bed Frame?

The HÜGGE Bed Frame has been selected to be the very best possible foundation for the mattress. With firmness adjustment for each sleeper, it allows you to find exactly the right fit for you.

Is the HUGGE Bed Frame adjustable?

Yes! The HUGGE bed frame has 4 height settings (always horizontal though) so you can make sure your feet slide straight into your slippers in the morning. As well as that, each sleeper can adjust the tension on their side of the bed, to give a firmer or softer sleep experience. Take your time, play with it until it’s just right!

What will the colours of the bed frame look like in my bedroom?

As soon as you place your order, we will send you sample swatches of the materials your bed frame is made from. You can look at them in natural and artificial light to be sure you love them before delivery and installation.

Do I have to build the HUGGE Bed Frame?

Nope! Our team of expert installers will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for them to deliver your bed frame and install it in your room of choice.

If I ordered a HUGGE mattress as well, will that be delivered with the bed frame?

Our bed frames and mattresses are despatched from different locations, so we will make sure we deliver your mattress on the day of or just before your bed frame installation.

Can I cancel my order for the HUGGE Bed Frame?

Yes. If you contact us at sales@huggesleep.com before 12.00 (midday) on the day prior to the scheduled day of delivery, we will cancel your order and refund you with no charge.

Can I return the HUGGE Bed Frame for a refund if I change my mind?

We can’t think why you would want to! But yes, we have a 30 day returns policy on our bed frame. (1) If you change your mind and cancel your order before 12.00 (midday) on the day prior to the day of delivery by contacting us at sales@huggesleep.co.uk, we will cancel your order and refund you with no charge. (2) If you change your mind after 12.00 (midday) on the day prior to delivery & installation, but before any of the packaging seals have been broken, you can cancel your order by contacting us at sales@huggesleep.co.uk. For this, there is a £100 charge to cover the cost of transport, re-stocking & our installers' time. This charge will be deducted from your refund. (3) If you change your mind on the day of delivery & installation through to 30 days from delivery & installation and/or after any of the packaging seals have been broken, there is a charge of £250 to cover the cost of disassembly, transport & repackaging. This charge will be deducted from your refund. Again, just contact us at sales@huggesleep.co.uk

Is the HUGGE Bed Frame guaranteed?

Yes. Our bed frame is guaranteed for 2 years against material defects and workmanship.


How can I make changes to my order?

Just email us at sales@huggesleep.co.uk and we can make alterations.

Can I finance my mattress?

To help make things easier for customers, we have teamed up with Paypal Credit.


How much is delivery for the HUGGE Mattress?

Standard delivery is free within most of the UK mainland and normally delivered within 3 to 5 working days between 8am - 6pm.

Do I need to be in?

For mattress, pillows or protector deliveries, our couriers may need a signature, so someone may need to be home. If there is a safe place, leave a note on the door with directions and your signature. This then acts as your proof of delivery, though the driver reserves the right whether to follow that instruction or not. If there is no safe place or you miss your delivery, don’t worry. Our couriers will try to redeliver on the next working day. Please contact us at sales@huggesleep.co.uk if you encounter any problems and we will rectify it swiftly. For bed frame deliveries, our team of expert installers will contact you soon after your order to arrange a mutually convenient time for them to deliver and build your bed frame in your room of choice.

Will the mattress be lifted into my room of choice?

Not at the moment. As we usually work with TNT presently, we only offer a doorstep service. But don't worry. Our mattresses come in a well designed bag with easy to carry handles, making movement up the stairs really easy.

Will you take my old mattress or bed away?

Not at the moment. We have temporarily removed this premium service while we scour the country for a delivery partner that lives up to our exacting standards. We will only offer a service that is consistently excellent. Until we get this service up and running again, your local council should be able to help with a 'large item collection'.

Can the delivery be left in a safe place?

Normally, yes. You will need to leave a signed note with the consignment number (the tracking number we send you) stated and a clear instruction on where the safe place is that is clearly visible to the driver. They will take this as proof of delivery, though they reserve the right on whether to leave your order or not. The bed frame cannot be left in a safe place as it must be installed by our team.

What time will mattress, pillow or mattress protector deliveries arrive?

The driver will deliver at any time up till 6pm on the day we have advised to you. A tracking number is usually provided for you.

How much is Bed Frame delivery & installation?

There is no additional charge for delivery & installation within most of the UK mainland and will normally occur within 7 working days of your order. Our expert installers will be in touch with you to arrange a mutually convenient time for them to come and build your bed frame in your room of choice. Deliveries to the outlying regions of the UK and Ireland & to Europe may incur a fee and may take longer. We are sorry about this, but our vans can only go so fast! Please contact us at sales@huggesleep.co.uk if you think this may apply to you & we can work out what’s going to be best for you.

How much is delivery for pillows and mattress protectors?

UK mainland delivery is free Ü.


How do I return my Mattress under the 100 Night Sleep Well Trial?

Firstly, don't try to get it back in the bag - you'd need superhuman powers to do that! Simply contact us within 100 nights of delivery at sales@huggesleep.co.uk and we will make arrangements to collect. Please have proof of purchase to hand just in case we need it. Before you email, click here to read more detailed rules.

Is the Bed Frame included in the 100 Night Sleep Well Trial?

The bed frame is covered under the 30 day return policy. Please contact sales@huggesleep.co.uk and we will arrange collection.

How quickly will I get my 100 Night Sleep Well Trial refund?

When you let us know that you would like to return the mattress under our 100 Night Sleep Well Trial, we will contact you within 5 working days to begin the returns process. We work with charity partners around the UK, donating where we can. Our partners then aim to contact you within 5 working days of receiving our instruction to arrange a mutually convenient time to come to your house to collect. They will normally collect from the doorstep. When our partner arrives, they will inspect the mattress to ensure that it is in a condition where it can be reused and we will honour the refund on that basis. The only exceptions will be if the mattress has been unduly marked, soiled, destroyed, the cover has been laundered or if the condition means our collection partner refuses to collect on grounds of hygiene or safety. Please contact us at sales@huggesleep.co.uk if you believe your particular claim may fall into these categories so we can take necessary action to avoid disappointment. Just as long as the mattress passes the inspection, we will process your refund once our partner has confirmed successful collection and compliance with our terms and conditions.. Depending on your payment method, you should allow approximately 10 working days from collection for your refund to appear in your bank.