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The HUGGE Mattress

You deserve a good sleep.

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HÜGGE’s amazingly comfortable mattress combines two types of memory foam to give you the most blissful night’s sleep, ever.

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Take the risk out

We understand that this may be your first time buying a mattress online and wonder how it can be so simple. But worry not, our easy HÜGGE 4 step plan will help to put your mind at ease.

  1. You order the mattress

  2. We deliver the mattress (and a hüg!)

  3. You sleep on the mattress

  4. If it's not for you, we collect the mattress (and another hüg!)

Simply made

Built for absolute comfort

We keep our mattress simple and comfortable – layers of memory foam topped in beautifully soft fabric. Our spring-free mattress has been cleverly constructed with a perfect marriage of materials that will keep you cosy but cool, whilst helping you to feel supported and wonderfully rested.

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  • Cooling Layer

    This super soft comfort layer is created from a special memory foam which is more open cell than the standard foams dominating the market. This structure assists with air movement to wick away heat allowing you to have a magnificently cool, undisturbed sleep. All of our foams are CertiPur™ accredited and are free from harmful chemicals and hard metals for your safety. We are also compliant with EuroPur – the European Foam Authority.

  • Transition Layer

    Whilst still an open celled memory foam, this layer is denser allowing it to perfectly contour to every curve of your body, providing maximum support. Our transition layer helps to promote a natural sleeping alignment, assisting with healthy blood circulation meaning you’ll wake up feeling like you’re on top of the world!

  • Supportive Layer

    Our supportive foam layer has been systematically divided into 5 zones using a process called Castellation. This is where we cut the foam to ensure it ergonomically maps the shape and curves of your body, providing full support in the areas you need it most (hips, lower back etc). In turn this allows your spine to remain naturally aligned throughout the night and your weight to be evenly dispersed, relieving pressure build up and alleviating excess tossing and turning for a more restorative night's sleep.

  • Outer Cover

    Our outer cover is manufactured in Belgium by the world’s experts in advanced textiles and is created from two way stretch natural fibre Tencel™ yarn. This fabric is far more advanced than cotton or polyester as it has excellent breathability and comfort, wicking moisture away from you, to help keep your mattress at an ambient temperature for sleeping.

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At 90cm x 190cm, the HUGGE Single offers plenty of space for you.

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At 135cm x 190cm, the HUGGE Double offers plenty of space for you and anyone else, whoever that might be!

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At 150cm x 200cm, the HUGGE King offers plenty of space for you and your little intruders - whoever they might be!

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At 180cm x 200cm, the HUGGE Super King offers plenty of space for you and your little intruders - whoever they might be!

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