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The HÜGGE Pillow

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HÜGGE loves a pillow that’s cool, plump and squishy. We definitely don't want any lumps or a pillow that goes flat and makes you feel the same. That’s why we've asked our friends in Italy to reproduce the pillow that used to retail in Knightsbridge for £99 just for us ... and you Ü.

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Simply made

Even Big Heads will love this pillow

Just like our mattress, we keep things simple. Individually wrapped pocket springs move as you do, gently supporting and cradling your head while maintaining spine alignment. Hypoallergenic and bacteria free fibre fillings make sure your sleep is hygienic and healthy.

Cross-section of the HÜGGE pillow
  • The Soft Bit

    Our pillow cover is 100% cotton (we wouldn’t have it any other way!) making it luxuriously soft to the touch, whilst providing maximum breathability for circulation and heat exchange.

  • The Technical Bit

    The Hugge pillow’s unique non-flatten system is made up of individual coils which instantly adapt to any sleeping position and weight, contouring to your head and neck to ensure ultimate support and the ideal spine alignment. These comfortable springs also provide a controlled microclimate which allows fresh air to flow through the pillow, further helping to keep your head cool. This unique structure means that our pillow is highly durable, maintaining it’s shape far longer than conventional pillows on today’s market.

  • The Squishy Bit

    Our plump fibre filling is hypoallergenic and bacteria free, helping you to have a completely safe, healthy (and superbly comfortable!) place to rest your head every night.

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