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The pursuit of Happiness...

Hugge at Meik Wiking's An Action For Happiness Event

Here at HUGGE we like Meik Wiking. Well actually, to be honest, we are a little bit in love with him. Mike is the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen but he also brought us the inviting and intimate 'Little Book of Hygge', which we hold close to our hearts here at HUGGE, what with our Scandinavian influences, love of comfort and our name being the old English term for hug. Most recently Meik has been promoting his new book 'Lykke'. Lykke, which is Danish for happiness, is just as charming a little book and as we all know 'Happiness' is big business!

I went along to An Action for Happiness event at Conway Hall in London last week to witness Meik in all his glory as he talked the audience through his Happiness research. I was excited and fascinated to see how sleep featured in his data, how imperative it was to us humans to get a good night's sleep in order to feel full of the joys the next morning. He spoke about wellbeing, he waxed lyrical about community and random acts of kindness and he talked about mental health and the need for 'work life balance', which personally I find a difficult phrase to get my head around. Does this mean we are not living whilst at work? Shouldn't we be embracing all of our 'life' and maybe aiming for work/leisure balance? Anyway, I digress.

The point is, I sat there for well over an hour. I happily lapped up the data and slideshow presentation, patiently sat through the Q&A and then… it ended. My mouth fell open. Not one mention of sleep? Not one mutter about a power nap or long Sunday morning slumber? No mention that if your kids slept well your life was a dream but, god forbid, that if they didn't you could be like the walking dead for 10 years? There had been a mistake. How could this be? I managed to catch Meik off stage and, with a desperate tone, quizzed him on sleep. Why is it not featured? How could this fundamental act that we all spend a third of our life doing not get a mention? "Oh”, said Meik. “I’m sure we did look at sleep. Yes, I agree it’s very important in terms of happiness, but it was cut from the book". The pursuit of happiness frankly left me feeling a bit exhausted. Luckily, we’re just searching for the art of good sleep and we have that covered with a HUGGE. P.s. we still love you Meik. Ü



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