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Sleep easy? Do we need to change our attitude towards sleep?

Here at HUGGE we love our sleep. We think we have created superior products which are amazingly comfortable to help you to sleep easy & love your sleep too. Our outstanding reviews tell us we are getting it right and our HUGGE humans are sleeping better than ever before. 

However, socially, there seems to be a shift in focus on how we are viewing sleep. According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker and his new book "Why we sleep”, we are in the midst of an epidemic. We are warned that if we do not get enough, we are literally opening ourselves up to an increased risk of developing cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes as well as reducing our overall life span. It's not just the physical effects of not sleeping well that are alarmingly bad, but the psychological harm of sleep disturbance includes depression and anxiety.

As well as being the co-founder of HUGGE, I am also a counsellor and psychotherapist and in my work I often find clients that are presenting with the same question - "Is depression making me sleepless or is insomnia making me depressed?". I know one thing for sure; that by treating one of these ailments we can help to heal the other. So in other words, helping someone to relax and sleep better increases the chance of their depressive symptoms reducing, and vice versa. 

What I am keen to avoid is marketing or making sleep another 'pressure', something else we have to excel in. We are under strain trying to juggle work, balance family and live with a sense of social responsibility. At the end of the day, when our energy is at its lowest, do we really want to feel the 'pressure' of having to sleep like a pro too? Doesn't our self-esteem take enough of a battering in the waking hours without feeling like we are 'failing' at sleeping if we happen to wake at 3am?

When did sleep become something else to add to our 'to do’ list? Why is it now something we compete at? When listening to our friends and family gloating that they have no trouble nodding off and sleep likes babies (which is an odd term, as in my experience, babies aren't that great at sleeping until about 4 years old if you are lucky!) why are we filled with envy and frustration? 

Really, isn't the whole point that when we are resting, we are doing just that? That when we are sleeping we are enabling all the rat race stresses and strains of the day to slip away in a calming and healing slumber. Do we really need to remind ourselves that when we can't drop off till 1am that as well as being exhausted tomorrow when our alarm goes off at 6am we will also start the day as a loser?

No, no, no. I think we need to rethink the whole thing. Let's remind ourselves that sleep is a reward for all the hard work of the day, something to look forward to. Let's relax into it rather than stealing ourselves for the fight of our life. 

Let's sleep easy knowing that HUGGE has got your back (literally, we’ve got your back, with our double layer memory foam mattress perfectly supporting your spine!) So sleep easy HUGGE humans.....

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