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Bed matters. HUGGE believes your mattress and bed make up the heart of your home.

Ahhh, bed! 

As you may know, here at HUGGE, we are developing the art of good sleep. As the nights are drawing in and temperatures are dropping, we venture indoors, embracing all those lovely little things that make us say "ahhh". 

An early night has always been a little treat I have afforded myself mid-week when things have become a bit hectic. I literally feel a flutter of excitement when I remember I have fresh sheets on my HUGGE and when I get home they will be waiting for me. Some people would say the kitchen is the heart of the home, but for us it's our bed. 

Putting the children to sleep on Christmas Eve, the anticipation of seeing their little faces at 5am (I say anticipation but I think I mean dread) as they climb in to our comfy superking to hurriedly tear through their Christmas stockings. 

Bed is surely more than an apparatus for sleep. It is a memory maker. A family creator. It's our go to place when we are heartbroken. It is our loving nook for a quick power nap. It is the giver of the luxury lay-in on a Sunday morning. It is a wardrobe supporter when we are packing for our well earned holidays. Or for organising an outfit for a special night out, as we happily lay every garment we own out across it. It is our haven when we are ill. It is a safe place for our children when they have had a bad dream. It's my go to place for a quick meditation. It’s our sanctuary. 

Kicking back and unwinding has never felt so good when you’re in a HUGGE.

As we zoom towards Christmas it has got me thinking about all the party invites, the office do, cheese and wine nights at neighbours, dinner and cocktails dressed head to toe in sequins (okay, sorry, we are Strictly fans in our house) with family and friends. 

It also got me thinking about how contagious the art of being 'busy' has become. People reel off all the events they 'have' to attend, all the parties they simply 'must' go to, all the things their children 'should' do…..basically, it's exhausting and I would advise against it. 

One of my major reflection times is my summer holiday with my family. I am not one for New Year's resolutions but in the summer I find the time and space to think about how I am doing and what I could do to give life a bit more balance and harmony. 

One of the things I decided this year is that I am simply not going to over-commit to things. I basically say 'no'. Now, I appreciate some of you may be recoiling from your screens, say ‘no’! ‘How’? 

It's simple. Don’t play the game of 'being busy’. Choose who you give your energy to carefully. Choose to be around those who are 'rooting for your rise’. Choose to go to things that make you feel happy and rejuvenated, not grumpy and exhausted. 

Listen to yourself. Act with self compassion (see last blog for more details Ü). Choose to punctuate your life with weekends with, dare i say it, 'nothing planned'. Allow yourself the time to see what you 'feel' like doing. 

You deserve to enjoy your Christmas holidays and part of that is resting up and lapping up home comforts, staying in your pj's all day watching 'Love Actually' or whatever floats your boat. Staying at home on a Saturday night to chill with your twinkly lights and fluffy socks, playing Monopoly with people you love, even if that is just you! Although, Monopoly doesn't work well with one player.

Now, I love a cocktail as much as the next person, so don't over do it with the ‘No’. Don't become all humbug about it, but just gauge what it is you 'want' to do rather than what you feel you 'must' do. 

Basically what I am saying is, duvet days need not be reserved for when you’re ill. Sometimes, we all need to say 'No thanks' and have a mental health day! Ahhh, bed!

Are you ready for a great night's sleep?

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