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You can now find HUGGE in Harrods!

Sketch of HÜGGE memory foam mattress at Harrods

Since HUGGE was founded in 2016 we’ve been super busy at HUGGE HQ, where we have seen our little start-up grow enormously, and the summer of 2017 proved to be no different!

Along with our record-breaking Seedrs crowdfunding campaign, we also began selling our HUGGE products at one of the world’s most prestigious department stores, Harrods!  We’re incredibly excited about this news and you can now pick up one of our ultra-comfy memory foam mattresses or super-squishy pillows at its iconic London Knightsbridge location. Harrods has on average 100,000 visitors per day, so we’re excited to spread the HUGGE spirit and help the world get a better night’s sleep…that’s the dream, anyway.

 HÜGGE memory foam at Harrods store.

We’re incredibly proud of our small brand becoming a trusted mattress of Harrods and we think this reflects the quality of our products. It’s also a testament to the rapid progress we’ve been making as a company and HUGGE ‘s establishment as a premium lifestyle brand.

Moreover, we feel this collaboration is a snug fit too. Harrods’ motto, Omnia Omnibus Ubique, translates from Latin to English as All things for all people, everywhere which reflects where we see HUGGE as a company. With our cosy memory foam mattresses, we aim to wake up the bedding industry with a new approach to the dated concept of buying mattresses. This is why we offer a 100 night sleep well trial, so our customers can really see for themselves the benefit of investing in a great mattress and a great night’s sleep. What’s more, with our premium price and 0% finance options, we believe we’re making it easier for everyone to invest in a fantastic mattress. We specifically designed this mattress to incorporate sleek Scandinavian design and two types of memory foam to give you the most blissful sleep ever. We call it the Art of Good Sleep™  and our customers agree.

So, whether you live in the capital or are there for a visit, there’s now another reason to visit Harrods -to see the HUGGE mattress for yourself! However, if you’d rather buy from the comfort of your home, you can get our mattress or pillows online. Plus, if you’re not in the UK, you can also find HUGGE mattresses in Harvey Norman stores across Ireland too!

We can’t wait to find out what more is in ‘store’ for HUGGE.




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