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Why we’ve produced a mattress without springs

At HUGGE, we think it’s about time the bedding industry woke up - from how mattresses are designed, to how you, the customer, gets to test your new purchase. This is why when we designed our mattress, we made it spring-free. While this may go against mattress traditions, we’re okay with that. Many of us in the UK may have grown up sleeping on a mattress with springs, but we don’t feel this is the way to go for a great night's sleep, and here’s why:

1. Springs work against your body, not with you

As we mentioned in our memory foam guide, mattresses with springs push back against your body which causes unwelcome pressure on key parts of your figure. As this doesn’t support natural body alignment, springs can often result in you waking up with a sore back, hips or neck as your weight hasn’t been evenly distributed along the mattress. At HUGGE, we think your mattress should be your best friend, not a cause for aches and pains! Our triple-layered memory foam mattress supports your body, moulding to your body shape to help you get a great night’s sleep, every night.

2. Springs keep you up at night

Spring mattresses do not allow for ‘motion transfer’ – this means that whenever you move or fidget in bed, the mattress lets everyone know! These creaks and groans from your mattress hardly set the best ambience for a good night’s sleep for you or your partner.  Plus, using a mattress that doesn’t support your natural body alignment may cause you to toss and turn a lot more too, so it’s a lose-lose combination!

3. Springs are hard to test

When we started HUGGE, we wanted to change the way people bought mattresses. We weren’t satisfied with the process of visiting a local mattress store, laying on a sequence of ever-increasingly expensive beds and using this experience as the basis as the foundation of your next ten years’ worth of sleep.

That’s why with our memory foam mattress, you have a 100 night trial with free and easy returns. This is possible because memory foam mattresses can be easily transported and rolled up into a ‘bed-in-a-box’, something that is not possible with spring mattresses!  As you cannot easily trial spring mattresses in the same way you can with the HUGGE mattress, for example, you can never really know if it’s the right mattress for you until you’ve purchased one. So it may be too late to decide it’s not the right one for you or your sleep.

4. Springs aren’t long-term lovers

We think our mattress is a match made in heaven and one that will stand the test of time – this is why we offer a 10-year guarantee with every purchase. However, spring mattresses tend to show wear and a tear after 1-2 years, need to be regularly rotated to avoid sagging at the pillow area and when the springs break, they can be hard to replace. Their lack of durability means you will have to purchase new mattresses at more regular intervals or put up with a bad one – we’re not sure which is worse!

5. Springs invite guests in the bed

Most mattresses with springs are not hypoallergenic – this means that they attract rather than repel common allergens such as dust mites! The space between springs is a fertile breeding ground for them, making it a poor sleeping environment for anyone that suffers from indoor allergies. We want you to feel warm and cosy, not dust mites!

6. Low cost equals low quality

An attraction to spring mattresses is that they are viewed as a cheaper alternative to memory foam mattresses. However, we believe that low cost tends to equal low quality. As Point 4 explained – mattresses with springs tend to have a shorter shelf life and in the long run, memory foam mattresses can be more economical. Perhaps more importantly, at HUGGE we don’t think that you should skimp on your sleep. Having regular, good-quality sleep has a range of benefits, from health to productivity so we recommend investing in a great sleep.

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